Clear Galaxy Holo

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$5.00 - $275.00






This beautiful holo is like nothing I’ve ever seen before! This beautiful clear/white holo brings so many new options to formulating your polish that a colored holo cannot!


Kindly note, you may find a few particles per bag that are colored. This happened during production and is out of our control. You may not even notice this due to the very small percentage of imperfect particles, but we felt we should bring it to your attention before purchasing.

Galaxy Holo Glitter Series

  • Create a superior holo effect much brighter than 'standard' holo glitter
  • Cut from a specially formulated holographic film for intense holo effect
  • Cut thinner, so there are many more particles per ounce than with standard glitter
  • Goes much further in polish making

Photo 1 shows product mixed with suspension base, painted over black. Photo 2 shows painted over a clear nail. Photo 3 is the product alone.