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Our Products
Are your products solvent resistant?

Yes! All of our products are guaranteed solvent resistant by the manufacturer. We also test the glitters in suspension base as well. Please note - solvent resistant glitters can still experience color loss and curling, and some suspension bases will intensify this result. We can not test each product in all possible suspension bases and therefore cannot guarantee how they will perform in each situation. We do recommend purchasing a sample, before a larger amount to ensure that the product fits your needs.


Are your products sold by weight or volume?

The 1 teaspoon option (sample) is the only dry product measured by volume. We offer these for testing purposes, but some people find it to be enough to make a few bottles of polish. All other dry product options such as 1/2 oz, 1 oz etc are measured by weight. The ProColor liquid pigments are also sold by weight. Our Suspension Bases, Top Coat and Polish Thinner are sold by volume. 


Do you sell your products in larger amounts than listed online?
  Yes! We offer discounted rates on bulk quantities, when our inventory allows. Please email us for pricing and availability.